Convince Me.

How many times have you been on a sales call and the person you can help says “Convince me.”?

What’s your go-to answer?

Do you talk about your experience? Do you talk about your results? Do you talk about your credentials?

I’m curious to know.

Because if you do anything other than what I’m about to show you, you’re destroying your business.

You have to refuse the invitation.

It’s that simple.

If you answer their challenge, you’ve already lost.

You have to render the whole dynamic null & void.

Here’s one way to do that:

“Oh, Mister Prospect! I’d never presume to tell you what to think. I’d have to be the world’s best mind reader to know what you need to know to make a great decision. Even IF I were the world’s best mind reader (and I am), I still wouldn’t take the liberty of snooping around in there. However your find yourself deciding to work together, it’ll happen for your own reasons and I’m here to chat with you wherever that process takes us.”

This works because it diffuses the “prove it” challenge, and in turn, re-establishes them as the person in control without you having to take their orders as iron-clad mandates from Heaven.

Interesting how this actually keeps you in control, no?

Use this information wisely.

Best thoughts,
~Jonathan “you call the shots” Pritchard

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