Conviction Is Persuasion

This is a picture of me (in blue) asking for a volunteer to join me on stage (at the marvelous Chicago Magic Lounge).

Notice how many hands are up.

I thought public speaking & standing in front of a large crowd was the #1 phobia in the world?

It is.

So why are there so many people willing to join me?


I am 1000% convinced that I am in that room to help that audience have fun, laugh, and enjoy themselves. I am lazer focused on putting everything I have into making them the star of the show & helping them discover what they can do.

And that conviction comes through in everything I think, say, and do on stage.

That lesson also applies off stage, too.

In marketing, sales, negotiation, delivery; everywhere.

If you are convinced that what you’re doing helps people in an honest & ethical way, then that is worth more than all the tricks & tactics that you’ll find out there.

So I like to ask: do you have that conviction? If not, what needs to change?

If you’d like help with that answer, hit reply and we’ll chat through it!

Best thoughts,

PS: This week my wife has been out of the country & I’ve been keeping our 1 year old daughter alive. It’s been a fun change of pace & I’m proud I’ve still gotten this weeks notes out on schedule! *pats self on back*

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