Chat GPT 4 Is Amazing

How would you spend the weekend if a tree fell on your powerline at 3pm on Saturday and the whole neighborhood was dark until Sunday night?

I can tell you because that’s how I spent my weekend.

With a 10 month old baby.


We spent a lot of time outside, and we visited with some friends. So that was nice.

What’s hilarious is what I was working on just as the power went out.

I was coding a program using Chat GPT.

It’s something I’ve wanted for years but never seen.

So I paid $20 for Chat GPT 4, and in about 10 minutes (no joke) I had what I wanted.

Then, just as I’m starting to make small improvements & changes to the app.


Power goes out.

So I’m playing catch up today, and I’ll be making a video about the whole process. Might get it done by tomorrow. Might not.

If not I’ll probably do a special Friday release instead of waiting until next Tuesday because I am so excited!

Too cool.

If you have any guesses at what the program is & what it does I’d love to hear it. Hit reply and tell me what you think.

Best thoughts,

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