Cart, Meet Horse

Do you think people can read minds?

I’d bet that you’d say no.

Don’t need to be psychic to win that bet.


Why do you expect people to know why you’re awesome without telling them?

I see it all the time.

Artists, writers, and other creatives talk about never getting their big break. How nobody gives them a chance.

“If only someone would invest in me, then I’d do some great work.”

That’s backwards.

How would anyone know what kind of work they could do without seeing anything?

That’s why I’m a big believer that anyone / everyone should make as much cool stuff as possible.

We have whole production studios in our pockets.

We can type out a quick script to organize our thoughts. Shoot a video explaining our thoughts. Upload it to a global distribution network. Then have conversations with people from all over the world about that video.

All without asking anyone for permission or waiting on some gatekeeper to tell us that we’re good enough.

So, if you’re waiting to create something until someone discovers you, I’d like to invite you to flip that around.

Go create a whole catalogue of cool stuff, and you’ve just helped the right people discover you.

Best thoughts,

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