Boom Boom Boom

Yesterday was a non-stop day of podcast recording. I was the guest on 3 different shows:

The first was “Stranger Connections” with Lisa David Olson, and it’s really well titled. She has a background in live performance, so she had a lot of insightful questions about the way my experience on stage ties in with my business consulting.

Very cool conversation.

She surprised me by getting the episode out so quickly, too. We had our chat at noon, and by that evening the whole thing was put together and posted.

Color me impressed.

The next was “Leaders And Lagers” with Kevin Dawson.

Gotta be honest with you. I first thought it was Leaders and Laggers. As in, the people at the front (leaders) and the people they’re leaving behind (laggers).

No that’s not it.

His hook is LAGERS: he does a beer review at the top of every show. Makes a lot more sense.

If I still drank beer (gout is no fun, man) I would have loved to throw in on the “Stripper Dust” vanilla porter that he tried.

Including the label for comedic effect.

But that’s just the first 3 minutes. The rest of our time we got to dig into the consulting side of my work, and how the psychology that fuels the performance also powers the value I deliver for my clients.

Cool talk and I’m excited to share when it comes out.

Last recording of the day was “Every Breath Counts Podcast” with Ryan Shekell.

He’s a man after my own heart living in the woods raising chickens and keeping bees with his wife. Sounds like a dream.

One plus of talking with him was hearing his thought process shift as the conversation got deeper.

He had his pre-set list of questions and there was one where he stops and says, “I’m still going to ask this, but my reason & the context for asking it has completely flipped. Now I’m really interested to hear your thoughts about it…”

Hell of a leadup!

You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what it is, and I think you’ll be impressed by his thoughtfulness and consideration that he showed through the whole chat.

Overall it was really fun to juxtapose such different host personalities in such a short time.

Really highlights how you can cover the same information, but see it in such different lights.

That’s the marvelous nature of communication; it’s a real-time collaboration of what’s said + what’s heard + what’s created.

It’s always an honor to be invited anywhere to share my thoughts, so my deepest thanks to all three for having me on their shows!

Keep an eye out as I put the episodes into my cycle of shameless self promotion when they’re live (like Lisa’s is)!

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