Biggest Opportunities

This is a fascinating frivolous Friday.

You could probably write an entire book about the lessons behind the story in this video.

Maybe I should write it.

Either way, I’ll try to keep this email focused & tight on what stuck out to me & how it can help point you in the right direction.

This guy got a HUGE opportunity that kickstarted his entire career.

The reason he was doing what he was doing is the same reason that I:

  • Have a 3D art gallery in a cryptographically signed virtual world that I own 100%
  • Run a small community of people using an open source project that runs a server inside another computer
  • Used motion capture to record kung fu movements and then put that information into a robot body
  • Maintain a node of the RavenCoin network
  • and a whole lot of other stuff…

What’s the answer?

It’s FUN!

It’s a blast getting to play around with new technologies and explore entirely new landscapes of creativity that have never been open to any human alive in all of the entire history of existence.

How cool is that?!

But here’s the thing.

He didn’t do the thing to get the job. He got the job because he was doing the thing.

Not talking about it.

Not thinking about it.

Not wishing about it.

Doing. The. Thing.

The more you Do The Thing™, then the more opportunities you give Luck to find where you hang out.

So I’ll leave you with this: what cool thing have you been doing? How many chances are you giving Luck to find you?

I’d love to know.

Best thoughts,

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