Beyond Maslow's Pyramid


In 1943 Abraham Maslow released a paper exploring the typical development of exemplary humans, and since then his ideas have been spread world-wide as “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.”
The basic idea is a person starts at the base of the pyramid, and each level must be mastered before they can begin working on the next level. Think about how difficult it is to appreciate the beauty of life when you’re worried about your safety. . .
Most people want to skip the bottom level work and focus, instead, on top level ideas. This is like trying to build the 99th floor or a skyscraper without pouring a solid foundation first.
Doesn’t work.

100th Floor

But what happens when you do all the hard work of taking care of your physical needs, you’re safe, you have incredible people who love you, you have confidence that could move mountains, your thinking is crystal clear, you smell the roses, and you put 100% of your potential into action.
What now?
Despite how valuable Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is, it’s still severely limited solely to personal development.
It’s great introspection, but it’s still navel gazing, none the less.
When you’re ready to look beyond yourself, welcome to the 100th floor where we start to look at how to think about your life in a context that transcends your personal limits.
Your choices have impact far beyond your own boundaries. Every decision you make can impact everyone you’re connected to.

Beyond the Pyramid

There’s a whole life beyond your own wants, hopes, dreams, and wishes. Consider your place in a universe that’s way too big for your mind, and start making choices from a universal perspective that transcends your own limited scope.

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