Better Is Bigger

It’s a rainy morning today, and the baby’s down for her nap so I’m sneaking a hot second to shoot you a note.

Even though I’ve taken several days to go over the origins of our internet problems, there’s still a lot we haven’t gone over, but you get the idea: the problems we’re experiencing are symptoms born from deeper technological decisions.

But I’m tired of the doom and gloom.

There are answers out there. People are working on better ways.

Most of those people are working on “Web3.0” with Ethereum, metaverse stuff, and a whole lot of other innovative stuff.

And they all miss the mark. Every project* I’ve looked into ignores a huge piece of the puzzle which results in fundamental issues sneaking around the back and causing problems they haven’t even noticed yet.

*except one.

There’s one project that’s starting from the ground up.

We’ll dig into it on Monday.

For now, I hope you have a good weekend, a good Easter, and I’ll ping you Monday morning.

Best thoughts,

PS: Oh, and since summer is coming up, I added a couple new t-shirts to the catalogue. I think you’ll get a kick out of ’em.

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