Applied Mentalism

This is one of my favorite photos of all time.

It’s me with a woman from the audience who was brave enough to come up on stage and join me for a demonstration.

As you can tell, it was pretty dang amazing.

Neat, right?

This is the heart of my work, because think about it: the number one phobia?

Public speaking!

Not only is she 1) in front of hundreds of people, she’s 2) having a fun time!

How does this happen?

Applied Mentalism.

I’m combining the power of fundamental psychology & motivation with communication skills, persuasion, trust-building, and more behind the scenes.

And I’m sharing my secrets.

Marketing: How do you put yourself out there into the world in a way that helps the right people want to work with you (and the wrong people never waste your time, too)?

Sales: How do you land B2B corporate opportunities worth ten’s of thousands of dollars as a solopreneur more quickly & more easily?

Negotiations: How do you find fair & successful agreements in high stake situations where the pressure’s on?

Presentations: How do you make your point without making enemies? How do you help your team understand your mission? How do you pitch investors on your start-up idea? How do you persuade thousands of people on video?

Institute Of Applied Mentalism

I’m happy to be bringing all these skills to the world through my new training & community platform.

It’s application-only, and I’ll be rolling out the first wave of cohort training soon.

The focus will be on sales first as it’s the easiest & fastest way for most people to land bigger opportunities by changing a few tweaks.

So, basically, I’m teaching you how to make clients feel this way about your work:

So, if you’re interested, check out the site here: and fill out the application to get a head start.

See you on the inside!

Best thoughts,

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