An Election of Blame

Oftentimes, when we’re going through a difficult time (like a break up, a business failure, downsizing, etc), we try to figure out who is responsible for what so we can cut up the “blame pie,” hoping that the other guy’s slice is bigger than yours.

“You’re responsible for 51% of this problem, therefore the results are 100% your fault.”

I’m seeing a lot of this today in the wake of Donald Trump being elected to office. My Facebook feed is full of people blaming 3rd party voters, this demographic, that demographic, etc for stealing votes from Hillary in an attempt to cut a bigger slice of blame pie for the other guys.
But that’s only going to continue the division & conflict.

Personal Context

It can be difficult to see how this plays out when we’re focused on a national scale. Let’s look at a 1-on-1 scale to explain this.
Think about a disagreement between two people. Is one person 51% responsible for a problem, and the other is 49% responsible, so the first is now the winner in the election of blame?
No. They’re both 100% responsible.
Until each person takes full responsibility for their choices, there can be no way forward.
Instead of blaming one group for the the choices of another, look to see where each person is 100% responsible for the part they played, and move on from there.
Take ownership for your 100% and move on.

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