7 Reasons To Start A YouTube Channel In 2023

This gets kinda meta.

Last week my wife went on a 4 day work trip.

As you may or may not know, we have a 6 month old kid; our first.

This would be the first time that my wife was away from our daughter. That also meant that this would be the first time I get to keep the baby alive.

All by myself.

Spoiler Alert: it went fine. Mostly.

That kid can scream, man. She had gotten used to A Certain Standard Of Living™ and it is not Bottles By Dad™.

And she let me know.

From 9:30 to 10:30pm. And midnight to 1am. And 2:30 to 3:45.

She’s a fantastic negotiator.

So, when I had a hot second to shoot this video I was tired.

I wasn’t feeling my best. Certainly don’t look my best either. It was late at night after the baby was taking a quick powernap between Parenting Feedback Sessions™ so the lighting is all janky.

And, after looking at the footage, I almost didn’t post it.

I was afraid.

But then, I thought about how one of the lessons that I recorded is to not let fear stop you from doing the things that you know will help the world.

So I went ahead and used it.

And I think it’s pretty dang good. If I didn’t tell you, you may never have thought “Boy, he looks like he’s been taking care of a 6 month old all on his own.”

So go watch the video telling you not to be afraid that I was almost too afraid to post.

You’ll also see why I (who has under 500 YouTube subscribers) still think everyone should start a YouTube channel in 2023. Even if you’re an introvert. Even if you don’t want a big audience. And why I have committed to sharing stories about my time on & off stage, on the road, and in board rooms across the world.

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