4 Kinds Of Questions

Success is the fine art of asking the right question in the right way to the right person at the right time.

What kinds of questions should you be asking? Good question!

Asking To Find Out

This is the kind of question you usually think of when you think about asking questions. “Don’t know something? Ask someone who knows!” This, however, is the lowest form of question. As a lawyer friend of mine told me; I’d never ask a question I didn’t already know the answer to!

Asking To Confirm

You already know the answer. You want to see if they know the answer. If you do it right, this kind of question looks exactly like “asking to find out” but the difference is clear to you.

Asking To Qualify

You’ve confirmed what you need to confirm, and that lets you know that they are NOT a good client for you. Maybe it’s budget. Maybe it’s timeline. Maybe it’s (un)realistic expectations. Whatever it is; their answer qualified / disqualified them.

Asking To Lead

This is the heart of “Socratic Selling.” Ask the right questions to get your “Persuasion Partner” thinking along the right lines. If you’ve ever heard “The person asking the questions is in control” then you understand why, now.

So. Let me ask you. How effective are you at asking questions in your business?

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Best thoughts,
~Jonathan “How can I help?” Pritchard

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