3 Years Happens Fast

Last week I MC’d the awards gala for Thrive, one of the top marketing agencies in the world.

It has grown quite a bit in the past couple years, so I got to read off quite a number of names of people who hit their one year anniversary.

Then I got to my name for 3 years.

That happened fast.

At first I started doing sales since I wanted to sharpen my skills with enterprise level conversations in high stake situations.

I kept saying things like “Why do we do it this way? What if we did it this other way?”

Evidently I said it enough that they finally said, “Fine! Help us re-architect the whole process from first contact to signed contract.”


It’s a complete coincidence that the sales team hit record numbers after implementing the new process of course. . .


So, if you want to figure out how your company might improve its sales, then we should talk!

Shoot me an email or send me a DM.

Best thoughts,

PS: the Institute of Applied Mentalism is coming along nicely. I am building out membership levels & stand-alone courses that will include memberships too. If you want to sharpen your sales skills, negotiation strategies, or learn how to build authority in your niche then check it out!

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