20 Hours In Mobile

“It must be exciting to travel all over the place!”

Yes, it can be.

Case in point: yesterday I flew into Mobile Alabama to do a college engagement and I was there long enough to have exactly one meal.

Fly in. Eat something. Go set up for the engagement 2 hours early. Do the engagement of 3 hours. Break down the event. Get back to the hotel. Sleep for a little over 4 hours.

Head back to the airport.

Land in Atlanta and do some fire-fighting in Google chat from my phone.

Hop on another plane for the little hop home to Asheville.

Get in the car & drive home.

Sit down at the desk and join an internal planning meeting 5 minutes late.


And I love it.

Even though the time away from home gets harder with my 15 month old daughter…

It’s still worth it because I know it genuinely helps the people I’m working with and it helps my spark stay alive getting to make my dreams come true.

I just like to be realistic that it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine like it can appear on social media.

Every job, no matter how glamorous, has its challenges.

Good to keep in mind if you’re dreaming of that “perfect job” that you’ll have some day.

Best thoughts,

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