10,000 Foot Perspective

I’m currently flying over. . . somewhere.

We land in Des Moines before I drive 2 or 3 hours in some direction to do tonight’s show.

And I’m sitting here marveling at the technologies involved in me getting this note to you.

I took this photo with my camera. Took out the memory card and slotted it into my Macbook.

Then I fired it up to connect to Wi-Fi.

Then I log into the backend of my website that’s running on some server somewhere in the world.

I write the article and hit “publish” where a plugin will translate this article into email form and then send it from some OTHER server to your inbox where you’ll read it on your phone or computer.

Mind blowing.

It shouldn’t work, yet here it is.


This is just one of a bazillion reasons I’m convinced that it’s the best time to be alive.

I can wake up at the buttcrack of dawn in the mountains of North Carolina. Have breakfast in Atlanta. Then jot you a note from above the clouds.

Never has it been easier for creative types to stay in touch with awesome people like you.

I strongly urge you to try it out.

That’s why I’m firing up a massive project I’m calling “Recognized Genius.”

The goal is helping people leverage the power of the internet to get paid for their ideas & interests.

I’ll talk more about it soon.

For now, though, I’m focusing on my upcoming 6 week cohort training for anyone interested in sharpening their sales skills.

It’s called “Close Any Sale” and it’s the exact system I’ve taught to B2B sales people to destroy their numbers & help the marketing company I work with to land record sales (in terms of number of deals and the deal size, itself).

If you’re interested, shoot me a note and we can grab some time to chat about how it can help you out.

For now, the coffee cart is almost here and I need some more wakeup juice.

Best thoughts,

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